• Published On: March 10, 2024

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    In the pursuit of optimal oral health, your local Littleton, Ken Caryl dentist, Canyon View Dentistry, emphasizes the pivotal roles of brushing and flossing. Despite these crucial practices, effectively cleaning every nook and cranny of your teeth, especially the back molars, remains a challenge. These molars, with their rough and uneven surfaces, become prime locations for lingering food particles and […]

  • Published On: February 10, 2024

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley


    When it comes to maintaining optimal oral health, regular dental check-ups are crucial. However, sometimes issues arise that require more than just routine cleanings. That’s where restorative dentistry comes into play. At Canyon View Dentistry, your Littleton Ken Caryl dentist, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch restorative dental services, including the revolutionary same-day crowns made possible by CEREC technology. In […]

    Published On: February 7, 2024

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    Embarking on a path to become a dental professional is a journey filled with challenges, growth, and, most importantly, a commitment to excellence. In my pursuit of […]

  • Published On: January 28, 2024

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    What is a Cavitron?

    Today we are going to talk about our water scaler 🦷😊

    If you have had a dental cleaning recently, you have probably experienced the water scaler, […]

  • Same-day Dentistry
    Published On: May 20, 2023

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    What is CEREC?

    Today I’m going to be talking about CEREC CAD/CAM

    – what it is and what it does. Now, you’ve probably heard us talking a lot about “same day crowns” at your Littleton Ken Caryl Dentist and being able to make dental crowns in the office instead of sending them out to be fabricated. Our CEREC system consists […]

  • Published On: April 6, 2023

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    Many people live with stains, gaps, chips, and other cosmetic dental issues that can keep them from feeling confident about their smiles. Age, medical conditions, and simply living your life can lead to damage, discoloration, and other cosmetic issues. While over-the-counter solutions can help with minor cosmetic imperfections, some dental problems require more significant intervention.

    Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures […]

  • Published On: February 10, 2023

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are licensed orthodontists. Find out the difference between the two.

    The connection between a dentist and an orthodontist is they both want to improve their patient’s oral health. They are medical professionals who resolve issues with an individual’s teeth. So, what are the differences between the two? Truthfully, the way they deliver oral […]

  • Published On: December 12, 2022

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    Dentistry had to start somewhere—who first taught us how to protect and clean our teeth?

    Everyone knows dentists—trained individuals that help us to keep our teeth clean and preserve our health. This industry plays an important role in regular medical care and helps everyone to keep their teeth in proper functioning order. From standard checkups to dedicated treatments, dentists help us […]

  • Published On: November 14, 2022

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    Dental problems can be scary, and they can get significantly worse over time if left untreated. Taking care of dental emergencies is important because the health of your teeth affects so many different aspects of our lives. Getting help from an experienced Littleton Dentistry can provide relief, but here’s some insight as to […]

  • Published On: October 14, 2022

    Posted By : Dr. McCallum-Ashley

    Dentists can vary depending on specialization–learn more.

    Each year, people visit the dentist for regular care, as well as emergencies. While not everyone enjoys going to the dentist, there is simply no denying that it is a necessary part of life. After all, your teeth and the health of your teeth can have a huge impact on the body’s health as […]

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