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Urgent Care Saves Teeth and Relieves Pain

When the unexpected happens, and you have a dental emergency, Canyon View Dentistry is here to help.

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Don’t Let Dental Pain Bring You Down

Emergency Dental Services


Few occurrences will make you more grateful to have the compassionate and capable care of Dr. Cara McCallum at Canyon View Dentistry than a dental emergency. These are usually unexpected, rarely convenient, and can be quite traumatic at times. So the first thing you’ll want is a dentist that can see you on the same day you call.

However, like with any urgent response, it’s crucial that what you do is the best course of action, depending on your particular situation. So regardless of the nature of your dental emergency, one of the first things you should do is call our office. Our team of professionals will assess your needs, asking and answering questions that will help inform our approach to care.

The Characteristics of a Dental Emergency

Your body communicates with you in many ways. In the case of a dental emergency, the primary mode of communication is pain. As people, we interpret the severity of that pain with the urgency of its cause. So if you are experiencing intense pain in Ken Caryl or the surrounding communities, that would be the time to call Canyon View Dentistry.

Your pain may be a result of one or a combination of the following factors:

  • An abscessed tooth
  • A fractured tooth or crown
  • Sudden sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Loosened teeth in danger of falling out
  • Knocked-out, or avulsed teeth

When Quick Action is Essential

While some dental problems may or may not be urgent, some accidents are absolute emergencies; you need to seek dental care immediately. Two such incidents are a knocked-out or avulsed tooth and a tooth abscess.

Many accidents may cause an otherwise healthy tooth to get knocked out of its socket. A car accident or a sporting mishap are common reasons you may lose a tooth. If this happens, the sooner you act, it’s more likely that Dr. McCallum can save your tooth. Take the following steps if you ever have an avulsed tooth:

  1. Minimize handling of the tooth – only touch the crown and avoid the root
  2. Rinse the tooth with warm water
  3. Treat swelling and bleeding with ice
  4. Place the tooth back into the socket if you can. Otherwise, pack the socket with clean gauze and immerse the tooth in a container with saliva or milk
  5. Call our office right away

Treat Tooth Abscesses Promptly

When an infection drives deep into your tooth’s inner parts or into your gums, you may end up with an abscess. This is a fluid-filled pocket that is both progressive and highly infectious. While it advances, you may experience a toothache with mild inflammation. This is when you should intervene because the infection will only worsen if you allow it. In some cases, an abscess can burst, releasing concentrated fluid filled with bacteria. This discharge is a danger to your overall health, and you should treat it with haste.

Your tooth or gums will offer signs that your tooth abscess may require emergency care, such as:

Your daily care regimen for your dentures will vary depending on their removability. For implant-retained dentures, you will treat them just like your natural teeth. However, for best results, you will brush them twice a day and see Dr. McCallum twice each year for routine exams and cleanings.

  • Inflamed and irritated gums
  • Fever accompanied by swollen glands
  • A sour taste in your mouth or visible pus
  • Severe pain

Take Action in Case of a Dental Emergency

Whether you undoubtedly need urgent dental care, or if you’re less than sure, the first thing you should always do is contact the team at Canyon View Dentistry. Be prepared with a list of your symptoms, and we will ask questions to ascertain your treatment needs. We will do everything possible to relieve your pain quickly and solve your underlying problems to prevent future emergencies before they become one.

Cara McCallum

Cara McCallum

Dr. Cara McCallum leads the team at Canyon View Dentistry, practicing enthusiastically and with a commitment to creating and maintaining beautiful smiles. She attended Marquette University and earned a BS in Biological Sciences. Emerging from her undergraduate career with an interest in dentistry, Dr. McCallum finished her DDS work at Baylor College of Dentistry.

What she values about being a dentist is how rewarding it is to make substantial, personal connections with her patients to help them achieve a smile they are proud to show off.

Dr. McCallum lives in Littleton with …

We Offer Same-Day Emergency Treatment

“5 STAR EXPERIENCE! I don’t know about you but I dread going to the dentist. I had two teeth that needed fixing but I have been dragging myself because I can’t deal with waiting for crown for at least a week. So today I went to my appointment to this new dentist and IT FELT LIKE I AM AT THE SPA! They had a blanket to cover my feet, a warm wet towel for my chest, back message from the chair, and netflix. The people are super nice and friendly – it start from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. I could stay there forever! They have super nice office you will really feel you are at the spa! I can’t wait be back to this SPA – yes it is a SPA to me for my next appointment for my crown. I did not have fear I usually get of seeing the dentist.” -Tisi


Dental pain is something we all want to be solved as soon as possible. But even though pain seems like a simple thing, it can have many meanings. So if you have a toothache, the first thing you should do is call us at Canyon View Dentistry.

We don’t want you to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary, but we will need some information to treat you effectively. We’ll first want to know the pain’s intensity, then its location and accompanying symptoms.

When it hurts, you may be suffering from:

  • An abscessed tooth
  • A fractured tooth or crown
  • Sudden heat and or cold sensitivity
  • Red, inflamed, and irritated gums
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

If your problem is an abscessed or infected tooth, you should seek early treatment because infection by its very nature is known to spread and intensify. Likewise, when you’re suffering from a fractured tooth or dental crown, your nerve may be exposed and lead to intense pain, so you’ll want to seek urgent care.

We Can Treat You on the Same Day

The good news is that Dr. Cara McCallum can usually see emergency patients on the day that they call our Ken Caryl office. We want you to know that we understand how terrible dental pain can be, and our goal is to help you feel better on the spot.

Don’t hesitate to call us in case of any dental emergency.