It’s the End of January
Time to Get Back to the Gym… and the Dentist!

In January, once the holiday fun is over, most people decide to get serious about their health and appearance. There are studies that state approximately 40% – 50% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. Of those, only 9% will keep their resolution. In addition to our physical health, let’s discuss oral hygiene and dental health. In 2021, sadly, many people let even more slide due to concerns about Covid. The reason for getting back to the gym is obvious, but getting back to the dentist is a good deal less obvious. To make 2022 the best it can be, let’s go over why starting to get dental care back in shape in the beginning of the year is important.

Let’s start with health:

  • Poor dental health can affect the health of your entire body. All our parts are very much connected and returning to regular brushing and flossing is an excellent annual resolution.
  • While regular brushing and flossing are important, so are regular professional cleanings. Your hygienist and dentist can spot areas you’re neglecting that you may not realize.
  • In the same category as spotting cleaning issues, your regular exam and x-rays will spot emerging dental problems that have not yet become apparent to you.
  • Not catching problems in the early stages can cause dental pain as you move forward into the year. You can control pain with all sorts of pain medications, but it’s always there in the background waiting to affect your family time and work production.

Let’s consider appearance:

  • You just aren’t smiling as much as you’d like to when something is hurting, and your beautiful smile is a big part of your introduction to everyone you meet.
  • Your beautiful smile may also have lost some of its bright white in 2021 and your dentist has many products and treatments to get that New Year sparkle back.
  • If the worst-case scenario hits and a tooth fracture happens due to dental neglect, even when it’s not prominently in the front of your mouth, you’ll always be convinced everyone can see it. Rest assured at Canyon View Dentistry we can help with same day crowns and emergency appointments.
  • Last, but certainly not least, red inflamed gums are no fun. We can help get your gums looking and feeling their best.

One last note for consideration:

  • Many individuals have new dental insurance benefits starting in January. This makes seeking out new dental care a great time to get your beautiful smile back in shape.

Let’s all start 2022 the right way; with following through on our health goals and getting back to the dentist. Call our friendly team at Canyon View Dentistry to book your appointment and checkup today at 720-389-8199