Dentistry had to start somewhere—who first taught us how to protect and clean our teeth?

Everyone knows dentists—trained individuals that help us to keep our teeth clean and preserve our health. This industry plays an important role in regular medical care and helps everyone to keep their teeth in proper functioning order. From standard checkups to dedicated treatments, dentists help us to live happier and healthier lives. In this article, we are going to find out when it all began.

A Quick History of Dentistry

Though modern dentistry comes with all kinds of exciting developments, you might be surprised to know that dentistry hasn’t always been this polished. This field has changed a lot throughout the ages, and it goes back farther than you might think. Let’s explore the basics.

When Was Dentistry Invented?

Dentistry might seem like a modern practice, but we have been looking at teeth for longer than you would expect. Initial interest in dentistry first formed near 2600 B.C., according to historians. Thousands of years would pass before it became a formal practice like we know today.

How Has Dentistry Changed?

The changes in dentistry are significant. As is the case with other medical fields, dentistry has seen large changes as we learn more about the body and improve technology. What first began as simple cleanings and extractions has developed into an industry that can support us through a variety of concerns—from illness to injury. Modern dentistry would be unrecognizable to those who paved the way to achieve it.

Who First Practiced Dentistry?

The original “inventor” of dentistry is believed to be linked back to Ancient Egypt. Known as Hesy-Re, one Egyptian scribe committed to learning more about teeth and health—all while writing it down. Back then, we really didn’t know much about dentistry, but without those initial observations, there is simply no telling where we would be today.

Who Was the First Modern Dentist?

Though Hesy-Re is believed to be the father of all dental practices, it was a long while before someone came in to change the game. In the 1700s, a French surgeon named Pierre Fauchard developed an interest in the mouth. He began to study and made a large collection of powerful connections that led to much of what we know as modern dentistry today. During his time studying dentistry, he created the first detailed manual to cover dentistry and related surgeries.

The Takeaway

Dentists play an essential role in society, and today’s dentists are following in the footsteps of the helpful professionals before them. Seeing how much dentistry has changed since it was first created, we can only guess what developments will be made down the line. The future of modern dentistry is bright! To receive expert care from dentists that are up to date on the most modern dental practices, visit your favorite Ken Caryl dentists at Canyon View Dentistry today!