By Allison Hefner, Editor

If just thinking about your dental care gives you anxiety, you may want to think about Canyon View Dentistry, where, under the leadership of Dr. Cara McCallum, patients can experience no- fear dentistry.

The team focuses on patient care and experience with a strong emphasis on relieving dental anxiety. Just walking into the office, patients immediately experience the office’s spa-like feel and are welcomed by a team dedicated to providing patients with their most relaxing dental experience. Canyon View Dental provides a wide range of general dentistry services, with a focus on single-visit crowns and cosmetics – like veneers – teeth whitening, tooth- colored fillings, Invisalign and teeth- whitening services.

“We want to treat every patient as if they were a friend or family member, never “just a number”,” explains Dr. McCallum, who graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas in 2013 and has been in practice for nine years. “They should feel relaxed from start to finish during their visit and will be guided through the process by one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members. We have modern technology that will ensure that their dental treatment is done quickly, accurately and with as little pain as possible.

In fact, creating an anxiety-free dental experience is very personal to Dr. McCallum, whose husband’s own uncomfortable experience as a child prompted him to put off dental care visits for months, even years.

“The mouth is the gateway to the body, and oral health is extremely important to total health – if patients are delaying dental visits, it can cause severe, lasting issues for their health,” explains Dr. McCallum. “I wanted to create an office where all our patients feel relaxed and comfortable, where they are not rushed through their visit, and where they don’t feel judged, so that they can stop putting off their dental care!”

To help relieve anxiety, Dr. McCallum and her team offer patients blankets, neck pillows, massage chairs, warm, soothing lavender towels, and the ability to watch Netflix.

“Many patients with dental anxiety will resist even the appointment making process,” said Dr. McCallum. “We have built an online scheduling app into our website to help eliminate the anxiety barrier of making that first appointment. Additionally, a patient’s first appointment shouldn’t be rushed. We invest an hour and a half to meet with and understand the dental needs and goals of all of our patients during their first visit. If you, or anyone you know, has been putting off a dental visit due to anxiety, we would love to welcome you in to our dental family practice.”

Dr. McCallum took up residence in Ken-Caryl Ranch when Canyon View Dentistry opened its doors in early 2021 and began seeing patients in November of the same year at their 7641 Shaffer Parkway location.

“We had been looking for a location for our office for several years, but nothing felt quite right. When we moved to a home in the area at the beginning of 2021, we knew we wanted to set up shop here as well!” explains Dr. McCallum, whose all-female team is ready to treat patients and give them a great dental experience.

Laura serves as the office’s insurance coordinator, who will be the first smiling face you see when you walk into their office, and has been

in dentistry for 25 years. Sabrina has been a dental assistant for 10 years, and is an expert in crowns, porcelain fillings, Invisalign, dentures and much more. Dana is cross-trained to work as an insurance coordinator and as an assistant. She started in a pediatric dental office and is great with kids!

At Canyon View Dentistry, the team strives to overcome any negative sensation associated with the dentist, starting when you enter the office into their clean, modern patient lounge and throughout the duration of your dental treatment.

“You will feel at home in the comfortable armchairs and can help yourself to a warm beverage or bottled water. Our aromatherapy candles and diffuser will eliminate any of the smells in a typical dental office, such as cleaning products or dental materials,” explains Dr. McCallum. “Our friendly, welcoming staff will ensure you are seated comfortably in your patient room; offering you a blanket and neck pillow as you relax in the soft leather massage chair. During your cleaning or treatment, a warm lavender towel will be placed under your chin for a calming effect and to prevent any water drips onto your neck or collar, and you can watch Netflix with noise- cancelling headphones instead of listening to the high-pitched sounds of the suction and handpieces. And, to help reduce dental anxiety, each of our patient rooms has nitrous laughing gas built in to give our patients their most calming experience.”

For more information on the practice, or to schedule an appointment, please call 720- 389-8199, or visit their website at, or check then out on Instagram at @canyonviewdentistry.

“We are so happy to be working in Ken-Caryl Ranch,” said Dr. McCallum. “The residents and neighboring businesses are very warm and welcoming, and the views are beautiful. Me, my husband and our dogs can often be found hiking and biking on the local trails – if you see us, make sure to stop and say hello!”

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